This is to advise you that any member, who is requesting an EMPLOYMENT INSURANCE LETTER, must do so directly from our Head Office in Toronto.

Upon receiving this letter the member must continue to pay their monthly dues directly to this office by the last business day of the month in order to remain a member in good standing.

Failure to maintain your monthly union dues will result in all back dues owing (to a maximum of 12 months) and a re-initiation fee after three months (which is $100.00 at this time).

I am requesting an Employment Insurance Letter. I understand that upon acceptant of this letter, I will be held responsible for maintaining my monthly union dues for a period that I am off.

As per Teamsters Local 230’s By-Laws Section 18 (d), If I fail to pay my monthly dues, after ninety (90) days, I will automatically be suspended and removed from the hiring list.

Employment Insurance Letter

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