Inquiries for the Health & Pension Administrators

Notify the Local Union Office, your Employer and your Health and Pension Administrator. when you change your address, phone number etc.

All inquiries for the following:
– Teamsters Canadian Pension Plan – Construction Division
– Teamsters Local 230’s Members Benefit Plan Trust Fund – Construction Division
– Teamsters Toronto Ready Mix Producers Benefit Plan Trust Fund
– Teamsters Toronto & Vicinity Ready Mix Producers Pension Plan

Should be directed to:
Benefit Plan Administrators
PO Box 3071 Station A
Mississauga, Ontario L5A 3A4
Fax: 1-800-867-5615

All inquires for the following:
Mainline and Distribution Pipeline Pension

Should be directed to:
Prairie Teamsters Administration Services Ltd.
#1200A – 58th Avenue S.E., Calgary, Alberta T2H 2C9
Office: 403-252-6924 | Fax: 403-253-3231 | Toll Free: 1-877-817-7526