Livio Caparelli

Employee of National Ready mix, passed May 9, 2017.

Fiore Fattore

Employee of Toronto Ready Mix and Lindsay Lafarge Ready Mix, passed April 18, 2017.

Jim Price

Brother Jim Price passed away on April 28, 2017. He was a longtime Teamster of Local 230, and longtime employee of Dufferin Div. (CRH).

Darryl Sherren

Brother Darryl Sherren passed away August 5, 2017. He was a former worker at OPG.

Robert Horton

Brother Robert Horton, long-time member of Teamsters Local 230 and Canada Building Materials (CBM) passed away.

Ben (Benjamin) Loughlin

former Secretary-Treasurer

Carl Shaw

Driver, Teamsters 230

Steve Suekey

Brother Steve Suekey passed away on Sunday, October 16, 2016. He was a longtime Teamster of Local 230, and longtime employee of Dufferin Div. (CRH).

Joaquim (Jack) Ferreira

Business Representative and Organizer , Teamsters 230

Ernest Martin

past away on July 28 a member of Innocon Ready Mix Newmarket

Robert Aumond

Cbm Hull, passed June 5, 2016

Lyle Marr

Hydro Sector

Sydney Brayley

April 25/2016 a member for over 10 years of dedication to the Teamsters union working in the hydro sector.

Danny Cafazzo


Frank Orsini


Burt Lea

Retired member from Dufferin Ready Mix, passed December 3, 2015

James Milne

TecMix Ready Mix Inc., passed November 20, 2015

Mark Sytnyk

National Ready Mix, passed August 15, 2015

Ralph Cathcart

Newmarket Innocon, passed away July 18th, 2015

Andre Massie

Miron Concrete Ottawa

Stafford Yurkiw


George Bryant

Duntri Construction

Julien Begin

Longtime member of Local 230 CBM Gatineau, passed away Jan. 30, 2015

Robert Shewbridge

Business Agent, Passed January 17th, 2015

Haythom Akro

Canada Building Materials: Leaside Yard. Passed away on Dec 5th, 2014

James Wilson

Retired on Feb. 1, 2013 passed on Sept. 13, 2014 worked at OPG

Laurier Labbe

Retired on March 1, 1993 passed on August 9, 2014 worked at OPG Darlington site.

Martin Laarakkers

Shop Steward for many years with Port Perry Lafarge, passed Oct. 21, 2014

Jim Wilson

Hydro, passed Sept.13, 2014

Russell Langille

O.P.G., passed Aug 29, 2014

Paul Gilpin

Member 230 National Ready Mix/O.P.G. passed April 2014

Paul Scavone

Retired 230 member YORK Excavating & Grading passed April 2014

Norman Lawton

Retired 230 member O.P.G. 1985 passed February 2014

Robert (Bob) Kornhass

Secretary Treasurer Local 464/Teamster Canada Executive Board Member passed July 2014