The Teamsters

Who We Are and What We Do

Most of our day-to-day activities are aimed at protecting and advancing the benefits and rights of Teamster members in all industries - sometimes individually and sometimes on behalf of large groups.

The main mechanism of the Union’s work on behalf of its members is the collective agreement or contract. This is a binding legal document negotiated between our union and an employer. It sets out employees' wages, hours of work, vacations and other benefits, and many other terms and conditions of life in the workplace. It also contains a grievance procedure, which gives either side the right to have a disagreement over interpretation of the contract ruled on by an impartial person with no connection to the union or the company. This process is called arbitration.

When our Union is certified by the Labor Relations Board to represent employees in a particular work­ place, our major task is to negotiate a first contract with that company. Members of the Union from that company elect their own bargaining committee, which will contain representation from each major department in the workplace. This committee works with a professional member of the Union's staff to draft contract proposals - a list of items the Union wants to see in the contract. These proposals are presented to a membership meeting for approval, and then we are ready to start negotiations.

Once a contract has been signed, it is a legally enforceable document. That means if an employee feels that the company is not holding up its end of the deal (for example, if someone is not paid for overtime he or she is entitled to) the employee and the union have a right to file a grievance in order to contest the company's actions. Most grievances are settled without a hearing, but if the Union feels it has a good case and the company will not settle, the issue can be taken to a hearing before an arbitrator, whose decision is binding.

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